Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Application 25 / 6 / 2013

So I recently started studying C++ and C. Not to replace my beloved C#, but to acquire more programming knowledge. I stopped from writing C# for something like a week. I honestly missed it ! :( So yesterday I decided to go write some C# :). I was creating Console Applications in C++. In C, I was honestly developing for Nintendo Gameboy. But that's another story. In C++, to create graphics, I used text with colors. Using some simple techniques I could transform a 5 into a block with color in console, but to make pictures I needed to write. Something like 0's and 1's and 2's to then blend it with different colors. I used a simple thing that is sometimes a big pain in the ass. I'm talking about arrays. So I decided to make a software that could transform an image into text. I searched it, and I started playing with System.Drawing.Imaging. I successfully made an app to do what I wanted.

Lemperyum Image to Characters Version 1.0 is released!!

Yes, now I can easily create Image arrays. Then I discovered that C++, or at least Visual C++ 2010 Express, didn't really support Extended ASCII, And I was using one of those 255 not 1xx. So then I though in making options.

Lemperyum Image to Characters Version 1.1 is released!!

Now the user can select between ASCII Graphics, ASCII Graphics with Transparency , numbers 0 to 3 and numbers 0 to 9. Nice. Then I started using it. But I realized that I couldn't just write just "0123456789" in arrays. I had to write "0, 1, 2, 3,...". Damn.

Lemperyum Image to Characters Version 1.2 is released!!

Now I could write an array automatically. It was fast to update it :). Now I can just copy and paste! :D

Now it can do stuff like this

Oh, By the way, in case you want to download it, click in one of these links: Lemperyum ITC v1.0 Lemperyum ITC v1.1 Lemperyum ITC v1.2

Don't forget to look in Lemperyum's Blog. :) lemperyumworld.blogspot.com

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