Wednesday, July 31, 2013

People Fall vBETA is released

Go to the Software Page to see more...

Reason for slow posting

I've been working wild in this game. It is for now called People Fall, but sometimes I want to change the name, but it's used in a lot of related contents to this game.

The game by itself is simple, you have to catch people to obtain points while dodging a fireball. You're an UFO being a target by sorcerers.

I still have to fix the Collision Detection.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

I recently reviewed Street Fighter: The Movie, so, why not review my favorite Street Fighter game.

I remember buying this game with 2 more, Cubic Ninja, already reviewed, and Asphalt 3D, which I really like.

Remember me writing in the Street Fighter: The Movie review that I started loving Street Fighter with this game?!
That's totally true.

You know,... this game has something special in his core. There's a very great mood. Characters like M.Bison made me start being a great fan of them, so as Akuma, which is also one of my favorites. Everything they say, make or anything else, make me want to repeat to myself. (That must be the only time in the day that I do something physical)

The Music,... yes, it is great.
Music fits perfectly with the game.
The theme song, character select screen theme, Snowy Rail Yard theme (why do I most times love Russian music in videogames ?!),...

The Combos are somewhat simple compared to other games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. But still, you need countless hours training your character because I believe you don't want to fight like a "noob". 
Each character has it's own moves, and, yes, some of them have "hidden" Hadoukens in the movements list.

It's great to repeat the characters in real life. I'm not joking, I do that like Hell. Something like Gouken's "Tatsumaki Gorasen". Try saying that 3 times fast in a row. Or Akuma's "Prepare Yourself!...(If  successful) Die One Thousands Deaths!!!!"

When the fight ends you can clearly see shit in the screen. The winner does some stylish movement, and an effect is shown. Wait... what effect?! They tried making some pencil drawing kinda-like effect, but it came out shit. The lines of the border of the shown model start getting of track so much, that you'll have to think twice to see what they were trying to accomplish.

The Arcade Edition and Xbox/Playstation Edition, besides the better graphics, has more characters. Extra characters actually. It's Oni Akuma, Evil Ryu, plus more.

Here's a funny gif animation I found on the Internet:

(It's like there's a big hole in you Web Browser! :D)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Game Review - Duke Nukem Forever

Well, it's more than the right time to review the "king".

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum.

This game, in my opinion, was bad treated. "disillusion, frustration, blah blah blah".
Yeah, yeah. Now let's get serious. This game kicks ass.
It is frustrating, yes, I totally agree. But a "disillusion" and "bad jokes", I totally disagree.

This game actually has it's big story, but this is a review, not a documentary. 
This game to 15 years to be finished, not because developers actually took that long, but because there was some serious problems going on. And, it gets worse, everytime they thought that they could release it, they launched a trailer. There was in total of 3/4 "fake trailers" on PC Gamer and/or E3.

Thay always said: "Always bet on Duke."

I disagree, disappointments are warned, but not for the game's quality but for the false announcements.

Regardless the background story, this game is actually very nice.
You go around in First Person, shooting pigcops and other foes, while having a gazillion of Easter Eggs and references around you.

And yes,... raise the myths ... Nude breasts are all there, I already got way more than "pair". (And an alienistic group of 3.... weird...)

Classic enemies were remaked, so as new ones. There are level bosses and, well, "mini-bosses".

Through all the trailers, you can actually see some evolution in graphics. I personally like the graphics from 2001.

The story is the same as the original, except that this is the "rise". Aliens came back, so as Duke.

Weapons go from the Golden Duke's Pistol to Railgun to The Devastator.
The Devastator is of course only used in bosses.

Oh, yeah, talking about bosses, eh...

It took me over 4 months to kill the Octaking in the second round (And the last :D).  Maybe because I spent a lot of time without playing it.
I like how Duke Nukem, after killing him, says: "There's only one king, you fuck.".
You can't imagine the joy I felt after kicking that shitbag's ass.

Hope there's going to be another Duke Nukem soon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Movie Review - Street Fighter - The Movie

Since I was a kid I was never a Street Fighter fan, I was more like a Mortal Kombat fanboy. But since I got Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, I never stopped thinking about the game. So I though it was a good time to watch the film again, because I didn't understand everything the first time I saw it.
Of course now I got everything, and I honestly loved it.

Yeah, I also think that M. Bison's machine (or whatever it is) looks like Eggman's.
The story is based on Street Fighter 2, a game that came out for arcade machines, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.
So General M. Bison is trying to rule the world. Not lucky for him, he has a big amount of fighters against him. Of course he is not alone. He has his workers, like Dee Jay or Zangief (Zangief apparently didn't really get paid), and some people who were  interested in making business with him.
Bison had Guile, Chan Li, Cammy, Ryu, Ken and more after him for their own reasons.

In the movie you'll clearly see how Blanka was "made". By changing Charles Blanka body into a monster/weapon. Blanka is bad and good at the same time because Dhalsim, when the process of transformation was 49% percent complete, changed the images that were changing Blanka's mind, from Bad to Good. So Blanka is somewhat Neutral.

Of course there are some  disappointments, for example, in the whole movie, I didn't saw a single Hadouken, Guile's hair was totally different, and the only special movement effect I saw, was M. Bison's electric shocks coming out of his body. Well, I think that's when he gets the Psycho Power. But I don't want to spoil.

There's a lot to talk about the movie, and there are some very funny parts. Example is when M. Bison gives Sagat money in exchange for weapons, and the money was made by Bison. That's when he said that each Bison (or whatever) is worth 5 pounds or so. That, after Bison kidnaps the Queen of England. (Just a joke from the movie)

Another funny quote is when Bison, after wishing so much to fight with Guile, says, and I quote: "You have made me a very happy man" and Guile says: "And next, I'll make a dead one.".

You can find more quotes on the Internet. Try this IMDb link:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Some beauty of Guimaraes

Wow. I honestly never noticed how beautiful the city was in the very bright morning. Seems that the hours that most people are sleeping are the most beautiful. Night and shiny morning are wonderful in beauty. I took some shots of one of my favorite cities: Guimarães, Portugal.

My opinion about Cubic Ninja for Nintendo 3DS

This game isn't recent, but I, about 2 months ago, bought it. I'm loving it. I keep playing, playing and playing. It's a very good game.

The game isn't very famous at all, but that doesn't change the quality. It was recognized for being the first 3DS game that, while playing, didn't display images on 3D. Well, only if you choose tilt mode.
When playing the game for the first time, I hated the fact that you had to tilt to move the ninja. But then, by searching in the options menu, I discovered that it could be played by using the Circle Pad, which is awesome.

The gameplay and style is really great. You tilt to move or move the Circle Pad and change your 3D Position (Go far or come closer) using the X Button. There's also a level editor. Sadly, you can only save 3 levels. You can also share them with QR Codes. There are enemies, spikes, switches. Classic stuff. It also as a somewhat busy environment.

The story is also very interesting. A princess was kidnapped and you, the ninja, have to save her. And prepare to get more Super Mario parodies. Story gets funnier and funnier through the game.

Bosses are also very creative. Right in the last level of the first section you'll get a cubic dog called Woofbot. Yeah, weird name. But I'm not going to make more spoilers.

I honestly really like the rubber ninja. I think it gets harder to play but that ninja is funny. He makes really weird noises when standing still. Their deaths are very, well, cubic. Yes, that's a joke, poor, but that's what I can get. Stuff starts getting a bit harder when you start the second section/chapter of levels.

The music of the second, well, section of levels, is really addictive. It's stuck on my head, just like the theme song of the game. That classic Asian kind of music. I really love it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My opinion about The Girl Next Door

Wow. I was just watching the Hollywood Channel, and they played this movie. It's actually, in fact, a very great movie. You might think that I consider every movie great, but no, there are some I really hate, but that's another thing. This is the cover:
Hey, I know that the cover is weird, but the movie is great.
The plot goes like this: 

Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) falls in love with the girl that live in the next door. Since the beginning you'll get the fact that is not a very active person.
Matthew's class was full of jorks and "hot chicks". Most of them, while they were supposed to be on class, gone to the beach.
The girl that lives next door, Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) caught Matthew looking at here window while undressing. Quickly after Matthew's being caught, Danielle dresses up, and goes to his house. His parents opened the door to her, and called Matthew to go downstairs. Well after sometime, Matt's parents ask him if he could make her meet the city better (She was new to the city). The girl and him start having weird late-night adventures.
Later, Matthew discovers that she was actually a Porn Star.
And the story goes like this, until he starts having some problems with Kelly (dude)... no spoilers, right?!

The movie really surprised me at the ending, but I shouldn't make any spoilers.

There's actually a thing that I noticed, which is the fact that the movie has some really great ideas that could be better explored instead of just being a 5 min. joke. Like when Matt's friends, Eli (Chris Marquette) and Klitz (Paul Dano), start doing sh*t in Las Vegas. They could extend that, but, yeah, it's a movie, not a documentary (In terms of length).

Well then that's it. My second failed attempt to review a movie that I actually liked. No, of course, it's not one of my favorite movies, but I really like it. I'll might later say what's my favorite movie...

Just one of my favorite movies...

In the other week I saw a movie that wasn't really recent, but I had never watched it. It was MindHunters. It's great.

The movie had some of my favorite things. From psychology, puzzle, suspence, etc.

The Plot
So, a team of trainees were going to an unknown and empty island. (When saying "empty", I mean the fact that nobody lived there)
It was part of a very criticized program called FBI  Psychological Profiling Program, used to get deeper into their traumas and problems.
After getting there they notice that the program wasn't quite what they expected.

(Yes, I know, I am not good at writing plots, but that's the beginning of the movie...)

The movie later goes far what I expected, better.
So, be ready to watch some horrible deaths.
FYI: There are almost no jumpscares...

The Cast
Actors were also very well chosen.
From Val Kilmer, famous for being Batman in Batman Forever, Kathryn Morris, famous for being Lily in Cold Case, "LL Cool J", famous for being Detective Sam Hanna in NCIS: Los Angeles. It was a very cool movie (small spoiler) great ending.

The Mood
The movie has it's own mood, getting from dark and rainy, to plot twist and  suspense.
When the clock gets to the "special" hour, I started getting a little curious to see the next death.

What it's based
That city was full of traps.
Sara (Kathryn Morris) discovered that the traps were based in what those people fear or mostly wish.

Effects (Spoiler Alert)
Deaths, like Nicole's, were really great. All the acid burning her body slowly were really well made.
The dead cat at the beginning of the movie was really well made, but it also somewhat looked like a puppet. The blood in the dead cat was, in my opinion, too bright. There were also other great effect moments like when Vince (Clifton Collins Jr.) died, all blood splashes were really awesome.

It's really one of my favorite movies, I really enjoyed watching it. I watched it at night, right before watching another movie. But that movie is another thing...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My lovely aunt

It's in this moments when I let a small tear fall of my eye, and I think "Oh! I'm crying. It's been a long time..."

You (The Reader) must probably not know about this, but one of the best people I know isn't with me anymore. Well, I'm in Portugal and she is in France. She is my aunt, my lovely aunt.
She had to travel to France because of work. For personal reasons, she had to go without her daughter, son, husband, 5/6 cats and Tisha, the dog. She since got there didn't stop calling us. It was great. In 30+ times she called I had only twice the opportunity to talk to her, without any other "intruder" around me. My relation with most people in my family isn't surely the best. I don't really like what they do to me. It's another story...
They never warned me when she called, because nobody cares about me just like I don't care about them.
Since the beginning I talked to her only with emails. There wasn't a lot of talk, but at least I could see here interacting with my emails by replying great messages.  Unfortunately, and  weirdly, we stopped emailing each other for no common reason. Maybe the fact that we where damn busy.

Since I was a kid, I used to go to her house, and be there with my cousins. It was great, but due to other horrible life stories, I didn't have much time to spend with them.
My aunt had a house in the west zone of Portugal. I can actually say the name of the city, it's Povoa de Varzim. I really love that city, and me, her, my cousins, her husband, cats, Tisha and my grandma used to go a lot there. It's a very beautiful place with a long beach and tall buildings. And yes, I really love tall buildings.

For those who don't know, I live in Guimaraes. It's a modern city with a lot of culture and considered as the "Cradle Of Portugal". Portugal was "born" here. But I'm not here to talk about History. Guimaraes is really beautiful, but not my favorite city. My favorite city is really Algarve which is in the far south of Portugal.

My aunt was always wonderful to me. Since I was a little kid, I received love from her. It's sure one of the 3 people I mostly love in my live, and I'm sure that it won't ever be replacedby anyone in the world.

It's in these moments of missing when I mostly miss her.
I really love my aunt Paula Novais. :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Infolinks added to the blog

Well, why not? It doesn't disturb... And there was once in a site with Infolinks, I saw an interesting ad. You (The Reader) have to admit that it's somewhat unfare that I don't get any kind of payments when programming, tweeting or blogging...
Infolinks is the only thing that really pays me. Not much, but better than nothing.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

About Doom 4

Gamers are mean...
So in the previous post I was talking about how exigent gamers are and I unfortunately followed another train of thoughts. I referenced Id's Wolfenstein: The New Order and Doom 4. Well I personally have to admit, sometimes, somewhat rarely, when I'm playing Doom,which I play a lot on my Xbox 360, I honestly forget the name of the enemies or other stuff. So what I do? I go here. The Doom Wiki or Wikia is a fansite made to display stuff about Doom. They have a lot of interesting content and have what I, again rarely, need... The list of Doom enemies. Since Doom 1 to Doom RPG (which I have for a Java phone and I loved it *) untile Doom 4. When The Doom Wiki only had the logo image on Doom 4 page, someone wrote, and I quote "No one cares about this shit." I honestly thought that was funny for the first time, but then I thought "Hey. What if John Carmack saw this and started thinking in quiting the project?". I am a game developer, and I honetly would start "crying" if saw such a think about a game I would be caring so much... If you go to the site, I believe you won't find a that (Now that they have a big article about Doom 4). Poor Carmack, Poor Id....

*-> I miss those Java phones times. Where the best Java phone available didn't even have Wi-fi. I also miss Gameboy times...

Gamers are being more exigent

Don't you think gamers are getting more and more exigent with game developers?
I don't have a lot of experience like John Carmack or Sam Houser, but I sure say that gamers (I'm also a huge gamer) are getting more exigent with game developers. Console development sure is getting harder to  be succeeded, so as the all-time beloved PC, and gamers aren't giving any help. Seems that gamers can forgive a billion times more consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System or Atari 2600, and I agree, but they also have to think in these days gaming. Some gamers think that a developer has to use at least 70% of the console power, but think about the time developers take to develop. Recent games most times take about 2/3 years to be developed. Imagine, if this "tradition continues", here in 20 years, game developers will take like 7/8 years to develop games for a console. Can you imagine how hard is to develop?
Doom 4 is a good example. Id Software took about a years to develop the game and after that, they considered restarting the whole project because the source code was a "big mess". They have a studio that it's still developing it. And they are also developing Wolfenstein: The New Order (which I  personally  am a big fan of Wolfenstein and I can't wait to buy the game and put it on my Xbox and fu*king play the beast).

My thoughts about Xbox One or 180

Just thinking about Xbox One and it's future...
Well I think Microsoft is kinda rushing the incoming of their new console. Remember when Atari had the 2600 and then made the 5200, and almost every Atari developer ignored the newer system? I think the same think will happen to Xbox 360. I think developers will continue with the 360 (which I honestly hope so). Like that "Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox 360" time, Xbox was considered as the best by most ratings. Xbox 360 was something like 4x more than Nintendo Wii and twice better than the PS3. And I am not just talking about graphics, I am talking about everything. Of course Xbox 360 had&has those stupid LIVE rules, but it's great. Maybe same thing will happen to PS4.

Sorry for slow posting

Sorry to the whatever reader out there for not posting a lot recently. That's because I have been really deep in development (C++).  I took about 30 min. in C# and I saw how hard it is to write multidimensional arrays. So, I'm back to C++ (It's weird to say <back to C++>)... I was testing some stuff with Windows Forms. I seriously cannot reveal any project I'm working on (I only reveal when it's finished) but I can say that I'm really inspired to develop a Role-Playing Game, but nothing is sure. It's  impossible to stop thinking in how flickery windows console is, but I got some solutions/ideas in mind to stop/reduce flickering...

Well, I have to admite that I'm almost never programming in silence. I'm usually listening to Iron Maiden or Doom Music or even Catlevania, etc. Music makes me somewhat happy :). And by the way, not all music is from videogames or movies (for example Iron Maiden, which isn't), but I never listen to those mainstream craps. I forgot to say that I also like Alice Cooper. It's very good.