Sunday, July 28, 2013

Game Review - Duke Nukem Forever

Well, it's more than the right time to review the "king".

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum.

This game, in my opinion, was bad treated. "disillusion, frustration, blah blah blah".
Yeah, yeah. Now let's get serious. This game kicks ass.
It is frustrating, yes, I totally agree. But a "disillusion" and "bad jokes", I totally disagree.

This game actually has it's big story, but this is a review, not a documentary. 
This game to 15 years to be finished, not because developers actually took that long, but because there was some serious problems going on. And, it gets worse, everytime they thought that they could release it, they launched a trailer. There was in total of 3/4 "fake trailers" on PC Gamer and/or E3.

Thay always said: "Always bet on Duke."

I disagree, disappointments are warned, but not for the game's quality but for the false announcements.

Regardless the background story, this game is actually very nice.
You go around in First Person, shooting pigcops and other foes, while having a gazillion of Easter Eggs and references around you.

And yes,... raise the myths ... Nude breasts are all there, I already got way more than "pair". (And an alienistic group of 3.... weird...)

Classic enemies were remaked, so as new ones. There are level bosses and, well, "mini-bosses".

Through all the trailers, you can actually see some evolution in graphics. I personally like the graphics from 2001.

The story is the same as the original, except that this is the "rise". Aliens came back, so as Duke.

Weapons go from the Golden Duke's Pistol to Railgun to The Devastator.
The Devastator is of course only used in bosses.

Oh, yeah, talking about bosses, eh...

It took me over 4 months to kill the Octaking in the second round (And the last :D).  Maybe because I spent a lot of time without playing it.
I like how Duke Nukem, after killing him, says: "There's only one king, you fuck.".
You can't imagine the joy I felt after kicking that shitbag's ass.

Hope there's going to be another Duke Nukem soon.

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