Monday, July 8, 2013

My opinion about Cubic Ninja for Nintendo 3DS

This game isn't recent, but I, about 2 months ago, bought it. I'm loving it. I keep playing, playing and playing. It's a very good game.

The game isn't very famous at all, but that doesn't change the quality. It was recognized for being the first 3DS game that, while playing, didn't display images on 3D. Well, only if you choose tilt mode.
When playing the game for the first time, I hated the fact that you had to tilt to move the ninja. But then, by searching in the options menu, I discovered that it could be played by using the Circle Pad, which is awesome.

The gameplay and style is really great. You tilt to move or move the Circle Pad and change your 3D Position (Go far or come closer) using the X Button. There's also a level editor. Sadly, you can only save 3 levels. You can also share them with QR Codes. There are enemies, spikes, switches. Classic stuff. It also as a somewhat busy environment.

The story is also very interesting. A princess was kidnapped and you, the ninja, have to save her. And prepare to get more Super Mario parodies. Story gets funnier and funnier through the game.

Bosses are also very creative. Right in the last level of the first section you'll get a cubic dog called Woofbot. Yeah, weird name. But I'm not going to make more spoilers.

I honestly really like the rubber ninja. I think it gets harder to play but that ninja is funny. He makes really weird noises when standing still. Their deaths are very, well, cubic. Yes, that's a joke, poor, but that's what I can get. Stuff starts getting a bit harder when you start the second section/chapter of levels.

The music of the second, well, section of levels, is really addictive. It's stuck on my head, just like the theme song of the game. That classic Asian kind of music. I really love it.

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