Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sorry for slow posting

Sorry to the whatever reader out there for not posting a lot recently. That's because I have been really deep in development (C++).  I took about 30 min. in C# and I saw how hard it is to write multidimensional arrays. So, I'm back to C++ (It's weird to say <back to C++>)... I was testing some stuff with Windows Forms. I seriously cannot reveal any project I'm working on (I only reveal when it's finished) but I can say that I'm really inspired to develop a Role-Playing Game, but nothing is sure. It's  impossible to stop thinking in how flickery windows console is, but I got some solutions/ideas in mind to stop/reduce flickering...

Well, I have to admite that I'm almost never programming in silence. I'm usually listening to Iron Maiden or Doom Music or even Catlevania, etc. Music makes me somewhat happy :). And by the way, not all music is from videogames or movies (for example Iron Maiden, which isn't), but I never listen to those mainstream craps. I forgot to say that I also like Alice Cooper. It's very good.

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