Monday, July 29, 2013

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

I recently reviewed Street Fighter: The Movie, so, why not review my favorite Street Fighter game.

I remember buying this game with 2 more, Cubic Ninja, already reviewed, and Asphalt 3D, which I really like.

Remember me writing in the Street Fighter: The Movie review that I started loving Street Fighter with this game?!
That's totally true.

You know,... this game has something special in his core. There's a very great mood. Characters like M.Bison made me start being a great fan of them, so as Akuma, which is also one of my favorites. Everything they say, make or anything else, make me want to repeat to myself. (That must be the only time in the day that I do something physical)

The Music,... yes, it is great.
Music fits perfectly with the game.
The theme song, character select screen theme, Snowy Rail Yard theme (why do I most times love Russian music in videogames ?!),...

The Combos are somewhat simple compared to other games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. But still, you need countless hours training your character because I believe you don't want to fight like a "noob". 
Each character has it's own moves, and, yes, some of them have "hidden" Hadoukens in the movements list.

It's great to repeat the characters in real life. I'm not joking, I do that like Hell. Something like Gouken's "Tatsumaki Gorasen". Try saying that 3 times fast in a row. Or Akuma's "Prepare Yourself!...(If  successful) Die One Thousands Deaths!!!!"

When the fight ends you can clearly see shit in the screen. The winner does some stylish movement, and an effect is shown. Wait... what effect?! They tried making some pencil drawing kinda-like effect, but it came out shit. The lines of the border of the shown model start getting of track so much, that you'll have to think twice to see what they were trying to accomplish.

The Arcade Edition and Xbox/Playstation Edition, besides the better graphics, has more characters. Extra characters actually. It's Oni Akuma, Evil Ryu, plus more.

Here's a funny gif animation I found on the Internet:

(It's like there's a big hole in you Web Browser! :D)

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