Monday, September 30, 2013

About music in my videogames plus others


As you can see, or listen, even though there's nothing, my videogames and software in general have no music nor it has such thing. Why, you ask... Well, I photograph, write, program, blog and rarely give a fuc* about school, even though it bothers must of my day. So the point is... I can't  "give a lot of time to learn about how make music". And I am not talking about what I'm learning now,... like OpenGL and Japanese. I belive music is a serious matter and takes a lot of time and pacience to actually make something. The only videogame made by me that included music in levels and so was BIPA. It's a cops shooting game, quite simple, but it took Hell days to make it when I was a kid. As you might have notice, I don't publish my older videogames. Those that I made when I was a kid.


I have been written a lot of short stories with a slight creepypasta feeling. I think that one of them could be a medium quality story. It has a a somewhat basic semantic in the word, even though the story is... good. But you should never trust the creator's opinion about he's creation, right? Its' basically about a killer killing in a hospital. He attackes at night and it's .... hold on a second....................... I SHOULDN'T PUBLISH ANYTHING HERE ABOUT THE STORY. What a dumb person I am. Well, everything I basically do, I publish it here, as long as it isn't too personal.

Thanks for reading this nonsense. :)

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  1. Hello. It's an update. Maybe here in some months I'l get a new PC.. Who knows. But the most interesting part is that my japanese is getting a lot better. I already wrote a small small story in japanese. II hope I can make more, but the "quality" isn't enough for me to publish it. :)