Friday, October 18, 2013

About my name

After randomly surfing around the Internet, I discovered a very interesting thing that had something in common with me.
It was the city of Den Helder. The city itselft has my name.
My curiousity rised to know more and better about Den Helder. Weirdly, it almost looks like a name of a person...
Wikipedia has very great info about it. Too bad I don't know Dutch because I was unable to read anything in the official site.
The city was a great for shipping in the Dutch Golden Age.
The city is in the Netherlands.
Apparently, people called that city Helledore , which means Hell's Door or Hell's Gate because the water between the city of Den Helder and and Texel, called Marsdiep, was so strong that many ships were lost.
The name Helder might have other meanings, but it's more likely that it comes from Helledore.
Well, yeah. I guess anyone who tries to brutly passes through me, meets Hell.
Just a fun research....
You can get more info on the Wikipedia page, if you know Dutch or have a magical translator you can go to the Oficial website.

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