Sunday, October 20, 2013

Deadly Chambers 3D for Android - Game Review

This is a great game.

Oh, well,... How will I start off?!
The game is just fun. It has a very weird comedy in it. 
Just look at the face the character does at the start of a level...

The game was made by Battery Powered Games.
They also made other games for Android, but, they aren't as good as this one.
Your objective resumes into escaping. You have to kill "YOUR CAPTOR" to beat the game.

The music is just awesome. It is simple, but, maybe because of the looping while you play the level, it becomes addictive. Personally, the first, second and the last music are my favorites.
The amount of levels,... yeah,... it's not a lot at all. But at least you have a nice-looking map that resembles Castlevania. Now about comparing with Castlevania,... it kinda has that castlevania feeling... So, you have a level boss at the end of each level; you have to kill the evil guy that owns all level bosses; enemies vary from zombies, to weird four feet animal-like creatures.... They all do weird noises...
It feels like Castlevania, but only if you compare them. First time I didn't even notice it. Wow.

The weapons are great, so as the amount of them. I play this game for more than 5 months, and I still feel that there are a lot of weapons left. They are snipers, laserguns, rocket launchers, pistols, machineguns, shotguns.... Wow.... and wow, again.

Controls are preety clever. My finger feels nice with them. It's not like some games that have stupid controls. Yeah,... because you know; touchscreen has that advantage. The advantage of letting the creator make his own controls.

The game runs with OpenGL ES. Quite great, hun? Because, you know, I'm currently learning OpenGL...
It's not like the loading process takes about 5 minutes to load everything,... like that specific game: Duke Nukem Forever

The difficulties are simply,... 4. Easy, which is, well, easy; Normal, which is good for a beginner that is good at playing games; Hard, which should be played by people who already passed the whole game at least once; Deadly, which is just a whole other challenge.
Everytime you die, you're respawned to the beginning of the level, and, if the difficulty is set to Deadly, the enemy waves are restarted.

The viewing modes change between First Person to Over The Shoulder. The first person mode, as of my opinion, is good for level bosses, which might not require a lot of movement and is good to headshot them.

There are also achievements. There are tons of achievements and each time I do something incredible, I get rewarded with.... a nice message talking about my achievement...

Also... there's a funny celebration dance at the end of each level...

Yeah. You should check it out on Google Plus or any other stores online.
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