Saturday, October 19, 2013


Remember those stupid problems I was having with the "MIDI to MP3 conversion" with my music.
Dammit. They are finally resolved. So here's the thing::

I gone to the website that allows me to convert music files from midi to mp3. That great website is
So, after a lot of time trying the options and failing, I began to take it smart. I though something like this : "Well, maybe the instruments won't sound the same as of my mobile's because it is a mobile phone and doesn't have the same quality as computers." - Because, you know. I was smart enough to thing that the music would sound like my mobile's but better if I change the MP3 Quality to the max I could make. !!DUH, HELDER!! 
So after being two steps from having enough of it, I got 90% of the result quality I wanted.
Sure I had to change some stuff in the mp3 convertion, but I also had to change some stuff with the original midi file.
Well, the midi file had some parts with instruments that weren't audiable by my phone. BUT!! It was audiable by the computer. So I edited the project file from the original Blood Gore file. Well. As far as I know,... Blood Gore was the only one I had to change. People... Don't listen to the midi files on your computer. Even though I saved some of the problem, the midi file can't be changed like the mp3. Well, if you check out the midi specs and what is midi, you'll notice that midi is just a bunch of commands. The computer, then, receives the commands and plays the music with the sound board. Meanwhile, the mp3 doesn't have the same characteristics. A mp3 file has a bunch of it's own binaries that are meant to be used by a mp3 player, as of software, because it is the data of a recording.
Remember that they are not 100%, or even 99.9%, the same as the original. The core and feeling of the music is only on the midi file, by being played by a sound board that equals to my mobile's.
It seems that the soundboard might be Fluid R3. But I am not sure....

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