Monday, October 21, 2013

Gurk for Android - Game Review

Sure you should call this nostalgia.

This is Gurk... whatever that means.
The whole game is nice, expect some controls annoyance.

This game is just another nostilgic RPG game. You have a 3-people party with their own characteristics. You have a warrior, shooter and wizard.
The map where you play is big. The map is something like a grid. You move some pixels by pressing the buttons below the game screen. Sometimes, hence the "control annoyance" part, they make the same action twice, because they are, well, Android buttons.

Graphics clearly want to resemble the legendary 8-bit era. Of cource, they could have made a full 3D game or 2D-HD game, but there's almost no nostalgia in there.
The map has multiple levels of height. Underground, for example. It has multiple underground levels. The Underground levels have this weird effect. Some "squares in the grid" disappear in order to create a dark-like feeling in the cave.

The game gives you the freedom to fully explore the game's world. It also as a Save Game Feature, but only let's you save in one GameSlot,.. well,... at least in my version.
One thing that makes you remember of the old games is the battle. You get to battle by simply walking. Like in Final Fantasy. Battles have this turn-based system.
Just like in Deadly Chambers 3D, this game has a grand variety of enemies. Big rock statues that move and attack, trolls, goblins, skeletons, etc. Sure they kick your ass, specially those annoying wizard troll-like guys. And yeah, if you are used to run away from battles like in Pokemon, well, my friend,.. you can't do such thing in this game. But you have a big amout of different weapons to collect so you can kill those guys. Still, those stupid wizard troll-like guys are smart enough to not move closer to my party.

Perhaps it was inspired by Ultima from NES.

Get this game on Google Play or something.

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