Saturday, October 12, 2013

Histories Of Development #1 - People Fall

--BAL (Before a lot)--
I was tired of coding in other projects. I needed to get some sleep. So I thought in starting another one. I wrote a little note next to my computer saying:

C'mon Helder.
Writes your plans here.
Your ideas can't go from head to code. Don't forget to plan AFAP.
(I know. It seems weird. But sometimes I write note for the future Helder. :))


--Unknown Date--
I was needing ideas for a new game. UFO are stuff I really like. So as aliens.
I was, and I am, still addicted to Wolfenstein on my Xbox. So as Mortal Kombat. They both have something I really enjoy, Dark Magic. Sorcerers are awesome.

So... why not joining Sorcerers with UFOs?! No. First I joined Missiles with UFOs.

--Unknown Date--
I make my first plan for the game.

It's simple.
I think you can see that "enemies" were really first missiles, but then, they were changed to Sorcerer's Fireballs.
Those "$$" are meant to be points, but they were first planned to be cash.


--Unknown Date but right after the previous moment--
I begin my coding. Coded, coded, coded like Hell.

--Day 30/31 July, 2013--
I wrote a note to my future being:

PeopleFall game seems to be finished. Of cource, not 100%. Background and music are what's left. I'm not good at art nor music. There's a reason why I "only" a programmer. Tomorrow might be it. I can't stop imagining tons of gamers on Desura talking bad about it...
(I always hate my creations. I don't know if I'll try to publish to Desura. Maybe no.)

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