Saturday, October 12, 2013

HN - Blood Gore Info

This music was originally made in July 10, 2013.
The original title was -> HN - You Failed! - because I just failed to...
I got inspired to make this music when I failed to talk to a client in my grandma's hotel. Now I am just fine. It was that momment that made me totally look back at my life, again. True is, not even my blog views are good. Most come from Russia and US, and, I bet most US readers are some Google Guys checking out my content. If your checking out this blog for at least the 2º time, well then, thank you. Because, you know, sometimes I just feel that I am talkin g to nobody. Just writing some posts to a ghost reader. Yes, "probably-unreal-reader", I just called you a ghost. And, yeah, that's it... :)

MIDI Specs:
TRACK 1 -> Strings -> 040: Violin
TRACK 2 -> Brass -> Trombone
TRACK 3 -> String -> Contrabass

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