Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just wait a little bit...

So, the required money for the computer is coming, maybe this week. It is possible that I might only get it Novemeber, but probabilities say: It might be this Friday.
Sure it is good. The only thing that can stop me from buying Toshiba Satellite C55-A-121 is stock. I hope it doesn't get out of stock. There are a lot of other computers and it is somewhat good, in this case, that this country's economy is poor. Yes, I know. It it totally bad and unfriendly to say such thing. This country is in serious danger as of economy. But imagine having a computer in your imaginary wishlist, in 2nd place in my case, and then, when you're going to get the computer, you have to buy another one because your targeted computer is out of stock.
Toshiba Satellite is apparently quite good. I saw the Intel Benchmark, and it tells me that it is good for 3D Graphics performance and Performance in general.
I can actually show you a image from the Internet:
Sorry, but I can't tell the copyright info...

It is great if it is good in 3d graphics performance, because I am learning OpenGL.
The processor is good,... memory is 500GB,... everything is nice.
Plus, I don't know if I already wrote this, but I am going to buy it with Toshiba Stor.e Plus 500GB.
So together, it makes 1000GB of memory. It's great to save games, apps , movies and my favorite animes... OK, now I look like those publicity assfaces. :)

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