Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mind Hunters - Movie Review

In the other week I saw a movie that wasn't really recent, but I had never watched it. It was MindHunters. It's great.

The movie had some of my favorite things. From psychology, puzzle, suspence, etc.

The Plot
So, a team of trainees were going to an unknown and empty island. (When saying "empty", I mean the fact that nobody lived there)
It was part of a very criticized program called FBI  Psychological Profiling Program, used to get deeper into their traumas and problems.
After getting there they notice that the program wasn't quite what they expected.

(Yes, I know, I am not good at writing plots, but that's the beginning of the movie...)

The movie later goes far what I expected, better.
So, be ready to watch some horrible deaths.
FYI: There are almost no jumpscares...

The Cast
Actors were also very well chosen.
From Val Kilmer, famous for being Batman in Batman Forever, Kathryn Morris, famous for being Lily in Cold Case, "LL Cool J", famous for being Detective Sam Hanna in NCIS: Los Angeles. It was a very cool movie (small spoiler) great ending.

The Mood
The movie has it's own mood, getting from dark and rainy, to plot twist and  suspense.
When the clock gets to the "special" hour, I started getting a little curious to see the next death.

What it's based
That city was full of traps.
Sara (Kathryn Morris) discovered that the traps were based in what those people fear or mostly wish.

Effects (Spoiler Alert)
Deaths, like Nicole's, were really great. All the acid burning her body slowly were really well made.
The dead cat at the beginning of the movie was really well made, but it also somewhat looked like a puppet. The blood in the dead cat was, in my opinion, too bright. There were also other great effect moments like when Vince (Clifton Collins Jr.) died, all blood splashes were really awesome.

It's really one of my favorite movies, I really enjoyed watching it. I watched it at night, right before watching another movie. But that movie is another thing...

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