Monday, October 7, 2013

Poor Tom Clancy :(

THOMAS LEO "TOM" CLANCY, JR (Born April 12, 1947, Died October 1, 2013)....

I think that as a gamer I have post some thoughts about Tom Clancy because he made my favorite stealth game : Splinter Cell.

To start off... I have never read a Tom Clancy book, maybe I will in the future.

Well, before receiving the news, I was basically doing some writings, until for some reason I looked at the TV. That was it, when the news came by. Funny how Portuguese news didn't really talk about it...

For those who don't know, Tom Clancy was a famous writer. He didn't really write the Splinter Cell books and so... Various writers wrote for those books, but all used the same pseudonym - David Michaels -

In 1990, Tom Clancy co-founded the company Red Storm which developed great games about Tom's ideas and stories. It was later bought by Ubisoft.

And that's not just it, Tom Clancy was also the writer of many great movies like The Sum Of All Fears with Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck.

There's another interesting thing which is the fact that Tom was the only of three authors that sold two million copies in 1990 as of the first printing. The others were J.K. Rowling and John Grisham.

I could tell you more about Tom Clancy but to really get more deep information go to his Wikipedia Page or his Website.

-Thanks a lot :) -

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