Friday, October 18, 2013

Problems,... more problems,...

Well, the Software page has some serious problems.
If you download stuff from my blog, you'll notice that I changed from Zippyshare to Mediafire.
Well, Zippyshare deletes files that aren't downloaded for more than a month, thing that I didn't know when I started using it. Well, Zippyshare, as of my personal experience combined with my opinion, it sucks. It is free, downloads are at full speed, ads don't bother a lot, but it deletes you files. Since then, I changed to the Darkside of Mediafire. The experience as been great. Downloads are fast as Hell, you don't have to wait any kinds of stupid seconds to start download, you don't need any premium bullsh*t to download faster nor you have to log in to it or register. Mediafire also has a mobile app, which is how I use to upload stuff from my phone to computer. The only thing that miht bother is the GB limit. Just for downloading the mobile app, you'll get more GB. Well, Mediafire isn't a "download site", it's actually a cloud service,... well,... a great cloud service :) that enables you to share your files. Tons of websites have that feature, but Mediafire is great.
So, the problems part...
Zippyshare delete files that I had on my account. Those files include all Lemperyum ITC versions, People Fall game and TWars. Those are copies,... done when the "deleting file that's over a month with no downloads" part was unknown by me. The original files are on my computer. Problem is the fact that I don't now the state of condition of my hard drive.The original files might be fuc*ed in case... (keep reading)

You might be wondering... "Why?!. Why does Helder doubt about the condition of the hard drive?!"
Well... Here in Portugal the Hard Drive is called <<Disco Rígido>>, well, Disco means Disc and Rigido means Hard or Hard To Destroy. Well, some fashioned fellas, with their clever abverbiations, they simply call it Disco. So, the CD Player or DVD player or whatever is called as <<Leitor de CDs>> which means, word by word, CD Reader. But the same fashioned fellas call it,... you guess.... Disco... just like the hard drive.
So, the guy from the store simply said it was the, well, Disco. The computer's CD Player or whatever was a little bit broken. So I doubt what kind of Disco he was talking about.
Stupid way to say it. It's way better to say the full name. You know, it really annoys me how they like to shorten up words...

Fu*k obsession with shortening up tech words that make it confusing to distiguish...
Fu*k Zippyshare for it's stupid rules
Thanks a lot to MediaFire
Have a good day...

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