Saturday, October 12, 2013

Street Fighter - The Movie - Movie Review

Since I was a kid I was never a Street Fighter fan, I was more like a Mortal Kombat fanboy. But since I got Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, I never stopped thinking about the game. So I though it was a good time to watch the film again, because I didn't understand everything the first time I saw it.
Of course now I got everything, and I honestly loved it.

Yeah, I also think that M. Bison's machine (or whatever it is) looks like Eggman's.
The story is based on Street Fighter 2, a game that came out for arcade machines, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.
So General M. Bison is trying to rule the world. Not lucky for him, he has a big amount of fighters against him. Of course he is not alone. He has his workers, like Dee Jay or Zangief (Zangief apparently didn't really get paid), and some people who were  interested in making business with him.
Bison had Guile, Chan Li, Cammy, Ryu, Ken and more after him for their own reasons.

In the movie you'll clearly see how Blanka was "made". By changing Charles Blanka body into a monster/weapon. Blanka is bad and good at the same time because Dhalsim, when the process of transformation was 49% percent complete, changed the images that were changing Blanka's mind, from Bad to Good. So Blanka is somewhat Neutral.

Of course there are some  disappointments, for example, in the whole movie, I didn't saw a single Hadouken, Guile's hair was totally different, and the only special movement effect I saw, was M. Bison's electric shocks coming out of his body. Well, I think that's when he gets the Psycho Power. But I don't want to spoil.

There's a lot to talk about the movie, and there are some very funny parts. Example is when M. Bison gives Sagat money in exchange for weapons, and the money was made by Bison. That's when he said that each Bison (or whatever) is worth 5 pounds or so. That, after Bison kidnaps the Queen of England. (Just a joke from the movie)

Another funny quote is when Bison, after wishing so much to fight with Guile, says, and I quote: "You have made me a very happy man" and Guile says: "And next, I'll make a dead one.".

You can find more quotes on the Internet. Try this IMDb link:

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