Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gloomy Dungeons 3D for Android - Game Review

This is truly one of my favorite games for mobile phone.

I long time ago, I download a great looking game called Gloomy Dungeons 3D. I didn't even try the demo version, I jump directly to the full version. Everything was new. It was actually quite cheap. As far as I remember, it was 1 euro on Samsung Apps.

The gameplay really captured me. I felt that nostalgia feeling. First, I thought it was a VERY fast and smooth raycasting engine one Android, but then, I discovered, on Github, I think, that it was simply made with Game Maker.

It's a very well done job, even though the music was from Doom. Well, at least 2, I recognized.
The music, after simple searching about it inside the android apk file, I got to know that the music was pure MIDI. Great. I like MIDI.

The controls are good, as far as you really take a time to search about in the Settings menu. It as a lot of control types including Zeemote. The option deeply vary between Graphic's Gamma, Texture Mode, plus more.

OK, people... spoiler's coming... If you really want to see it, select the text. Weapons are: Pistol, Shotgun, Minigun/Chaingun, Super Something and Double Miniguns/Chainguns.

Playing it pixelated might be fun for a while,... smoothness gives the game a better spooky experience, in my opinion.

The developers are indie. True is, there's already Gloomy Dungeons 2, but in my personal opinion,... it's full of adware. See?! That's why I am affraid of ruining my blog with ads. Isn't it just bad when you go to a website and see tons of stupid ads popping-up on your screen, plus interactive ads slowing down the performance?!

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