Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yes, sir! I am finally happy :):):):):):)

Yeah. Probabilities are huge. About 75% chances. It is apparent that it will be Toshiba Satellite C55-A-121 plus 500GB memory because the pack also includes Toshiba Stor.e Plus. It's a really good computer. I like it,... well,... love it. I was never a big Toshiba fan, though. Isn't it a good start for me with Toshiba?! Maybe you disagree with the fact that I consider that computer good.
Well, Windows 8 isn't my real favorite, even though i never had a computer with it, but,... well,... It's the most recent one. I don't Microsoft to close the support for the older ones.
Funny I was wishing to have a Windows 8 computer before my old but recent computer got fuc*ed. Until it got fuc*ed, so I simply stopped wishing it, and simply start wishing my computer back.
Well,... that's it. I can't wait for November... :)

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