Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just released a new game.... A-ion

The game is about ions. Notice that nothing here happens just like this in Physics. It's based on physics with Fantasy.

A-Ion is good, in my opinion :), and the following things are noticed as new compared to my other games::

->Theme song
->Video Engine based on individual frame images
->Lots of 3D sprites, even though they are flat pictureboxes
->Protected Highscore file for no such type of hacking (Mathematical calculation is done to get the real score value from whats stored in the file)
->Fullscreen Display

Of course, I had some serious problems with the development. Like, thanks to this project, I discovered that I had to reduce the number of pictureboxes and times because timers get glitchy if too much of ito and .NET is always collecting "the garbage" from them. Something like cache, as far as I know.

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