Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Me is doing?

Oh blog.
Oh my dear blog...
Now's time to update what I'm doing.

I'm currently making a game that currently doesn't have a name.
And yes, after weeks of development Plane Flame was cancelled. 
About Nightmosphere... Oh well.... I am only going to be able to continue coding for it much later.
Holidays started. Christmas is coming and I expect some very nice presents. Perhaps 2 video games or even a new console. I hope I can get a Nintendo Wii U. I wish I could...
Having a lot of fun with The Legend Of Zelda on my 3DS. If I get a Wii U, I wish I can get The Legend Of Zelda WindWaker HD for the Nintendo Wii U.
Yes. I rather buy a Nintendo WiiU than Xbox One or PS4.

Its kinda like this ->>


Sorry for my overexcitement... :) 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am not dead

I'm sorry

I've been promising myself to write at least one post here on my blog, but nothing got to success. Always thinking about it, but work catches me.
I should stop a little bit of it.
I'm glad I was able to come here and successfully post something on my blog.
I truly am the worst blogger in the world.
I fail a lot. Now I know how's tokyocooney feeling about his youtube channel.
The only difference is that I have almost no viewers or readers or whatever.
Perhaps my blog has a very sad theme.
I kinda combines with me...
I hope I can come back fast.