Monday, January 13, 2014

Little Update

Well Blogger, I'm sorry I haven't been using you for a while. A big while, I mean. I feel sorry. There are tons of bloggers out there that simply move away from their blogs. Blogspot (the one I use) doesn't promote anything. Finding a nice blog is rare. First of all it doesn't have a lot of promotion. It does not promote anything at all. Second of all, people are forgetting that blogs exist. Who wants to just read, anyway? The only blogs you see out there are more like websites using blog technology than anything else. Or because it is free. I get no readers at all. And the only thing I can do is complaining about it. Why? Actually, a video that I had in Youtube for something like 4 months has 7 times more views than my blog has ever got. That's because, when you watch a Youtube video, related ones appear in front of your eyes. Getting a lot of views for your blog is just by wishing that someone actually gets your blog from that (Next Blog or something) link at the top; or by providing them a link from third party sources. So I have been very addicted to Minecraft since a while ago. And,... oh,... yeah,... I almost forgot,... today's my birthday. I don't want to, but I think I won't post anything more here in this blog. I think I'll just use it for people to download my stuff. Sadness. Speaking of which, I while ago, I made a music called Sadness of a Reachless Dream. Seems like nowadays I have to use "a while ago" too often. Sadness.