I am -> "The deviant who ran away from others, because he had enough of what others prompted to him, and by doing so, he found another world standing upon his face."

I am Helder Novais. It is highly probable that you've never heard about me. I am a videogame developer that loves tech and videogames. It is not recent, but not old, that I started making music. I also have a passion for photography and I love writing. My blog (this) is my little place to share news and stuff. I also publish apps and games here, so as in other websites like GameJolt.
About 6 years ago, I started making games and copyrighting them with my trademark, LemperyumSoftware.
Most games were lost by dead computers, and only some are still intact, but those games are not in any sight of Internet's eyes. It is only part history that holds it's own mystery...
The games I make are completely for free. I have no plans of making them paid, because I love when games are free. The money I get is almost null, and comes from luck.
But that is not a reason for me to stop making them, because I love what I do.
By the way, currently I am learning Japanese and, for game development, OpenGL.

Languages that I worked with:
C# (main)
C/C++ (main)
Windows Batch Commands (for fun)
Java (for fun)
HTML (for fun)
PHP (for fun)
"Android" Java  (no more)
"Android" XML (no more)

Published games on the Internet (also on this blog):
T-Wars (currently unavailable due to problems)
People Fall
Dodge Tanks

Current Project:
Plane Flame 3D


Upcoming games:
Plane Flame 3D

Favorite Food:
Boiled Catfish with pepper and rice
Meatballs with Spaghetti and melted cheese on the top
Very Complex Pasta

Biggest Dreams:
Going to  JAPAN  forever
Be recognized for what I do

Biggest Fears:
Never going to Japan
Never being recognized for what I do

Sad Reality:
I'm probably not going to Japan ever due to the fact that I'm a failure
I'm not good at anything I do

Languages (not programming):
English (A lot)
Portugal Portuguese (Native)
Spanish (Influences)
Japanese (Still Learning)

Me Blog :)
Watching Movies
Listening to music
Making my own music

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