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Wanna see all photos inclueded in this blog plus maybe some extras...?!

Lemperyum ITC announcement photo
In the announcement post of Lemperyum ITC, I took a screenshot of my computer using it, by showing a simple castle made out of an array variable generated with Lemperyum ITC.

T-Wars BoxImage
T-Wars Image... It shows a imagined white and fully colorful version of the game :)

MindHunters Realese Poster
Used when I was reviewing the movie.

 MindHunters Screen Image
Taken from the Internet :)
 The Girl Next Door Poster
Used for the review of the movie.
 Cubic Ninja Boxshot
Used for the review
 CN SP 001
I took this photo from my Nintendo 3DS
 CN SP 002
I took this photo from my Nintendo 3DS

  CN SP 003
I took this photo from my Nintendo 3DS
 City Shot 001
I took this photo after a whole night working on People Fall, I think. It's beautiful and I am proud I was the one taking this shot. :)
 City Shot 002
I took this shot from the rooftop of my grandma's hotel.
City Shot 003

 City Shot 004
The palm trees... :)
 City Shot 005
  City Shot 005
The view from the kitchen. Unfortunantly there's a school right behind. Damn those stupid assholes and their noises.
 City Shot 006
Yeah. Flying Rats, right?
 City Shot 007
What? Those flying rats also deserve multiple shots.... duh :)

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